Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Installers could be the best salespeople

This is something I've been saying to my students for years. Now Carol Wilson @ Telephony has writen an editorial: IPTV Installers Also the Best Sales People. She's right; sometimes the best customer contact is the person who goes to the customer's home - he (or she) interacts with the customer, demonstrates the level of professionalism, demonstrates the use of the equipment, etc. This can go well or painfully wrong.

If companies recognize this, the best course of action is to train their installers on soft skills, and even compensate them for upselling. If this level is a stretch (ex: soft skills needing to begin at hygine), companies need to consider sending someone with the installer who is more adept at working with customers.

The point is this: most companies are looking to shorten or eliminate truck rolls to save money. What the y miss by forcing self installs is the ability to get into the customer's home. They've eliminated upsell opportunities as well as opportunities to sell other products. As we've all heard so many times, if you're not winning at playing the game, change the rules.

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