Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Power meters and WiMAX

I don't usually veer from my usual topics but this falls right in line with the forward thinking, hard-hitting psudo-journalism this blog is known for! I'm speaking of course, of smart meters.

If you read this blog, I assume you've heard about smart meters from several other sources. For those who haven't, A SmartMeter is an innovative and advanced utility meter that records a business or consumers electricity useage in greater detail than current conventional meters. As the replacement for the current electric grid is being thought through, a large part of that will involve the smart meter.

...Which brings me to my point. If power companies, individuals and Google want to monitor power use, bandwidth needs to be involved. Looking at all sources (satellite, 3G wireless, xDSL, etc.) the one that seems to make the most sense appears to be WiMAX.

These two technologies are a great fit, considering a number of logistical and geographic parameters.

Look for 2010 to be big year for WiMAX -

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