Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Tacos in Tucson (dogs too)

So I'm in Tucson Arizona on business, and we're all hungry for dinner. The hotel we were camped out in recommended a nearby "low-key" but authentic Mexican "restaurant". The first time I tried to get there, I passed it by. After circling with GPS in hand, we found what was essentially a taco cart; hot dog stand; and between both, a window to order. We almost left but some unknown force drew us near. Was it hunger? Regardless, we were all very happy we stayed. That was the day I got my first taste of a Sonoran-style dog. Truly an experience I can't wait to repeat.

Flash to last Saturday - I turned on the tube and caught part of CBS' excellent Sunday Morning Program. Mo Rocca did a piece on Sonoran hot dogs so I had more than a passing interest. I was more than a little surprised when he interviewed the owner and patrons of the very same joint I had been to last month. What are the odds?

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David Martin said...

So, what exactly is a Sonoran style dog? Your post didn't describe it...