Thursday, December 20, 2012

Huawai gets called out...on plagerism?

The web sure makes it easy to steal information from other websites, and to some extent this is unavoidable.  This is a particularly interesting case: Huawai was at Railway Telecommunications event last November and needed to publicize it to their customers.  Rather than write up some original content and post it to their site, the took information nearly directly from a competitor in this space, Kapsch.  They even went as far as linking to Kapsch's site for "more information".  This is more than just lazy; the doc lists Kapsch personnel that will be at the event!  The best part: after discovering the theft, Kapsch posted all this information on their own site, along with a statement that they are "not amused".

Kapsch vs. Huawei: Find the differences:

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