Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Preparedness for DTV transition still lacking

This seem incredible to me. From CED Magazine comes a report that although 90% of Americans are aware of the transition to digital in February, 25% believe that they must switch to cable or satellite by that time. While some may be surprised by the latter, I am more impressed with the first statistic. Is it really possible that someone, who actually watches TV, has not seen or read ANYTHING on the transition? I personally have been bombarded with 15 or so messages a day that I'm aware of.

The 2nd statistic saddens me. Cable providers have been using the transition as an opportunity to sell service by frightening consumers. They are not the only ones to blame - I'm talkin' to you, sat providers! The government is spending big on educating the public; perhaps they should be spending some of it preventing these dirty trick ads.

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