Thursday, January 29, 2009

VoiceWing takes flight (out)

Verizon Communications Inc. has decided to shutter it's VoIP unit, VoiceWing, on March 31 to focus on other technologies. VoIP is still in play, but will likely be delivered and marketed differently. Verizon plans to introduce a service over their fiber optic lines, vs. just anyone with an Internet connection.

The backend services company for VoiceWing, Deltathree, has seen their stock drop and was recently delisted from the Nasdaq, which may have accelerated Verizon's decision making.

As a former customer of VoiceWing, I fond the service expensive compared to many competitive alternatives with better quality. Based on my easy decision to drop them, I can imagine others coming to the same conclusion.

Verizon to shut down Internet phone service -

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