Friday, March 5, 2010

Win for AT&T - Time Warner to change it's Ad claims

Time Warner had been saying some pretty nasty stuff about AT&T's IPTV product, U-Verse. This, according to the Council of Better Business Bureaus. AT&T took TW to task after they claimed their HD service was "free" and AT&T was charging. In fact, AT&T does charge $10 per month for HD service, but as it turns out, TW does as well. This was hammered home on many Time Warner TV ads.

Another ad (falsely) claimed that AT&T's IP data slows down when their IPTV subscribers watch HD programming, causing a "collision" of signals. These same ads also claimed that customers are forced into long term contract when they complain about these slowdowns.

TW has "voluntarily" agreed to change their advertising.

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