Monday, May 12, 2008

Johnny Rockets - AVOID

You've been there. One hour layover in a busy airport during wan't something fast, but also tasty. I was in just such a situation this afternoon in Chicago's O'Hare on route to Springfoeld, MO when I spied a Johnny Rockets, known for good quality burgers, et. al.

Now, every seasoned traveler knows to expect far less from the airport counterparts of chain restaurants , but one does expect a reasonable facsimile.

Long story short...waited on line for nearly 15 minutes, dealt with the most surly woman at the counter. Here is an excerpt:
Woman: Yeah?
Me: What is the sauce on the 'Double Rocket'?
Woman: I have no idea
Me: (after a moment of thought) I'll take a 'Single Rocket' then.
Woman: Medium well or well done?
Me: Is it available any other way?
Me: OK, medium well
Woman: what else?
Me: fries and a coke

At this point, I paid and was handed a receipt. Over 10 minutes later, I was handed a bag containing said burger and fries. "Excuse me, I ordered a coke", said I. Apparently, surly woman poured one when I ordered, presumably to give it to me when I ordered. Not surprisingly, they handed me the now watered-down beverage.

I no longer had time to eat my lunch at the resturaunt, so I dashed to the gate. Was the wait worth it? The fries were clearly made prior to my arrival, and were not fresh. The quality of the beef was very good, and the cheese was melted nicely. The bun was stale (?!?) an the one thin slice of tomato was mealy. The 'special sauce' turned out to be Russian dressing, just like at McDonalds (where I could have gone for a faster, fresher, less expensive meal).

You might be thinking, "It's an airport! What did you expect?" To you I say, NO! Of course I had lower expectations...didn't you read the beginning of this post? I still expected 'normal' if not real speed. I expect polite, at least not rude service, and a decent meal for my $11.02.

At this point you should be saying, "You paid what! for a burger and fries? I will never go to this place, now that I've been warned"

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