Tuesday, July 15, 2008

WildBlue Upgrades Its Satellite Internet

It's about time! Wildblue, the satellite Internet provider that caters to rural America, has just increased it's capacity allowing for an additional 150,000 subscribers. This is big news when you consider that prior to this "upgrade", the only way to increase service would have been to launch a new satellite. Given the difference in cost and time, this is far preferable. NOTE: In the interest of full disclosure, I have trained many Wildblue installers personally.
WildBlue Upgrades Its Satellite Internet Network, Increasing Capacity By Over 31 Percent: Financial News - Yahoo! Finance

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Anonymous said...

Most reviews on Broadband Reports before this news cited customer service and peak hour speed as a complaint.

If anyone is worried about customer service when considering WildBlue, it might be to your advantage to consider a reseller.

One example is MyBlueDish Satellite Internet, who has their own call center.