Saturday, October 4, 2008

All the comforts of home?

I've never before had a post on this, but sometimes when traveling to rural spots, the choices of hotels and restaurants becomes fewer and further between. Frequently, that is what makes these trips interesting; if one is forced into making different choices than one's comfort zone, it could lead to a memorable experience (positive or otherwise).

On this particular trip, I had the good fortune to find a particularly different lodging experience. Luckily it was of the (very) positive variety. The Cottage House in Council Grove Kansas is a hotel that is furnished in the style of the time it was built (1870-80s). This is the first time I've showered in a bear-claw footed tub - an experience to last a lifetime. Enjoy the photo on the left, or check out the attached photos for the room I stayed in.
The Cottage House Hotel and Motel, 25 North Neosho ~ Council Grove, KS 66846

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