Wednesday, October 29, 2008

This Piano is for Entertainment!

Here's an amusing sign I caught in a Sterling VA supermarket. This particular market offers an area to enjoy the prepared food that's sold there. There is a player piano that had been used in the recent past, but not so much recently.

In order to thwart customers (I assume, children, mostly) from trying to play the instrument, they have posted the following: "Piano is for entertainment only - Please do not play - Thanks".
This makes a wide-sweeping assumption that anyone "playing" the piano couldn't possibly provide entertainment - at least, not as well as the machine can reproduce music. Maybe the entertainment in question is the view of the unused (and unusuable) player piano.
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Anonymous said...

Yup. That looks like a Wegmans. I've seen a similar player piano in their Dewitt, NY store. But the layout is certainly a Wegmans with an upstairs dining area.

Funkdamentals said...

My first thought was Wegmans as well.