Monday, October 13, 2008

AT&T to Sell U-verse Circuit City and Wal-Mart Retail Stores is reporting that AT&T has a new business plan for selling U-Verse, it's IPTV service: they will be bundling with products such as TVs and home theater systems at consumer electronic outlets. Since U-Verse is not available everywhere (yet) this can only be offered at "selective" national retailers, currently Circuit City and Walmart.

This strategy makes a lot of sense as AT&T would like to compete with Verizon (already in Circuit City) but can go further: They have a popular wireless product in the I-Phone and now a TV content offering in U-Verse. I would not be surprised to see a future bundle that included both of these offerings, along with a new TV (or whatever).

AT&T has a heck of a brand. At one time, it was the 2nd most recognized worldwide behind Coca Cola, or so I've been told. If anyone should do this it is them.

This is a strategy I believe we will see more of; customers have consistently suggested bundling is what they want. First multiple services on one bill, now products and services together. I've mentioned on this blog how phone companies have looked to other consumer services (like PC repair) to augment their offers. Looking to involve companies with retail expertise is a logical step.

AT&T to Sell U-verse Services at Circuit City and Wal-Mart Retail Stores

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