Friday, March 13, 2009

North Carolina Q

Pulled pork is not my first choice for Barbeque, but when in Nome...

...So we finished our meeting, and it was lunch time. Of course, BBQ was what everyone wanted and the local place is ALWAYS the best choice. We headed to Little Richards in Yadkinville, a town in Western NC near the Virginia border.
I typically order what the locals prefer, and that strategy paid off here. I had a "BBQ Tray", a platter containing chopped pork, coleslaw (with BBQ sauce), and a generous helping of hushpuppies. The "Lexington sauce" was recomended over the standard smoky red, or the straight vinegar sauce. To my surprise, there was no bread, as this was not intended to be a sandwich.
The meat was indeed chopped vs. pulled, and a bit on the drier side (which I prefer). although the Lexington sauce was good, their "thick sauce" was magnificent and I found myself going back again and again to that squeeze bottle. A very satisfying lunch. Amazingly, all this was had for $4.99. If I'm ever back there, I will return.
Little Richard's Smokehouse Bar-B-Que, 916 S State St Yadkinville, NC 27055 (336) 679-7491

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Braves4Life said...


When you get back to NC (near Greensboro) look me up. I'd love to take you to a BBQ joint.

Todd DePinto