Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Avail Media reports they've picked up IP-PRIME customers too

From Fierce IPTV: In the wake of last week's announcement by EchoStar, Avail Media has made a pronouncement of their own. EchoStar claimed it had picked up many of IP-PRIME's former customers, and now Avail has said "not so fast...". Avail Media is touting its own success winning over telcos that up until now have been using IP-PRIME. It has just announced that it has so far converted nine IP-Prime customers, including BEK Communications Cooperative of North Dakota.
SES Americom is ending the IP-Prime service later this year, a move it announced late last year. Avail Media and EchoStar are among some of the companies that have been vying to replace SES Americom in the hearts of IP-Prime telcos.
For more:- Here's the Avail Media press release

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