Tuesday, April 28, 2009

More good news for IPTV

Two of the biggest operators of IPTV in the US: AT&T & Verizon, both reported significant subscriber growth in Q1, according to separate articles in Fierce IPTV (two articles are really not enough, so they dedicated an editorial to this as well).

According to editor Dan O'Shea, "Telco TV subscriber figures are not the only indicator of how TV service providers are making their way through a harsh economy, but the TV subscriber numbers from the two largest telcos in the U.S. are showing virtually no ill effects at all. Verizon Communications and AT&T each added nearly 300,000 TV customers during the first quarter of this year."
Fierce IPTV: Video cord proving hard to cut
Fierce IPTV: Verizon FIoS TV adds 299,000 subs in Q1
Fierce IPTV: AT&T gains 284,000 TV customers

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