Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Network based DVR closer to reality

Today's non-ruling by the US Supreme Court clears the way for Cablevision to offer its Systems' Remote Storage-DVR service, or Network-based Personal Video Recorder (nPVR). By denying the request by several content companies to review the long-contested case challenging the service's use storage of copyrighted content, the U.S. Supreme Court in effect allwed Cablevision to go forward with it's plans.

According to FierceIPTV, "The legal victory not only frees Cablevision to launch its RS-DVR service, which a Sanford Bernstein report speculated could happen this summer, but also opens the door for other service providers, including telcos, who had been waiting for a legal resolution before considering their own network-based DVR services."

Telcoedge: Network Based DVR May Be a GO

FierceIPTV: Bid for RS-DVR Supreme Court Review Fails

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