Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Q in Northern Virginia

Northern VA is not know for it's barbecue. Some people don't even think of this area as "The South" though they would be wrong. While many Northerners have infiltrated this place (myself included), they don't realize that Northern VA was a hotbed of civil war activity. When Grant fought Lee, he was fighting the Army of Northern Virginia, but I digress.

While there is some decent BBQ, much of it is provided by chains and the like. There are some darn good places, if you know where to look - which is why I was so pleased to find this place. Papa Dukes is really nothing more than a stand with some outdoor tables on the corner of two streets in Sterling. Yet, there is definitely something special about it - real Q for people who appreciate it. I say this because most would drive right by - Real barbecue lovers know that there is usually a direct inverse relationship between the way a BBQ joint looks and the quality of it's food. For Papa Dukes, the rule holds. If you don't believe me, look at the happy (sic) faces of my family enjoying having their photo taken.
Papa Dukes Barbecue, corner of Cascades Parkway and Woodland Road, Sterling, VA (no web or phone)

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Anonymous said...

Quality good. Portion size inconsistent sometimes down right tiny. No one wears sanitary gloves while handling food and money?????