Monday, March 10, 2008

Siemens Launches OpenScape Unified Communications Server

VON Magazine has posted a story announcing Siemens' new product: Siemens Launches OpenScape Unified Communications Server. Siemens has been touting this for awhile as the next generation platform of all things "Communication". Different parts of the UC (Unified Communications) server include OpenScape Voice Application, OpenScape Video, and OpenScape UC Application V3.

This is particularly interesting for two reasons: First, Siemens has now "officially" re-made itself into a software company, with the ability to compete with the likes of Microsoft for the lucrative business video and telephony market. Secondly, IPTV providers who are already using TotalManage from Myrio have been waiting for the next major upgrade. Since Myrio has been purchased by Siemens, many of these providers have been wondering when the upgrade will occur. As it turns out, Siemens purchased Myrio precisely to acquire TotalManage to incorporate into UC. Once UC is launched, TotalManage users will see the software upgrade that will allow them to offer the services to allow them to be more competitive in what is shaping up to be an extremely competitive market.

Why do I mention any of this? Because many of the companies I visit are faced with these concerns: "Should I consider Myrio for my IPTV operation?", "What are my options?", etc. Now it looks like TotalManage will finally be the robust middleware product many operators are looking for.

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