Saturday, March 29, 2008

Whats Going on With IPTV in Mississippi?

While in Mississippi, I had the pleasure of meeting with the folks at Telephone Electronics Corporation (TEC), the country's largest privately-owned telecommunications corporation. They are composed of some 30 companies, and now they will be rolling out IPTV out of their Bay Springs location.

TEC will be offering IP-PRIME, the service offered by SES Americom using the "headend in the Sky" or "HISs" model. They will be deploying Amino's AmiNet 130 set-top as well as the brand new AmiNet 530 that includes DVR and HD capabilities on an MPEG4 stream. This is some pretty advanced stuff for a company which had until now offered analog cable. When the system goes live, TEC will be offer their customers a truly leading-edge product that will leave their competition in the dust.

SES Americom's IP-PRIME will utilize NDS' Metro middleware to drive the Amino boxes for TEC. It stands to reason that once TEC becomes successful with this produt, they will roll it out to other areas of Mississippi.

Read about TEC in The Mississippi Business Journal

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