Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Telephony is reporting that some Myrio middleware users are unhappy about the slow roll-out of some feature-functionality, namely DVR capability. Readers of TFtTE(this publication) were made aware of these issues as early as March 10, 2008 Siemens Launches OpenScape Unified Communications Server. According to Telephony:
"Some carriers relying on middleware from Myrio, a unit of Nokia Siemens Networks, have become so frustrated that they are considering switching providers. Myrio customer diversiCom, an ILEC and CLEC operating in Minnesota, said it has had to halt its IPTV marketing because it does not yet have an upgrade of Myrio’s middleware that will support HD and DVR capabilities...According to chief operating officer Dean Mohs, some other member telcos are in the same boat."
Here is the article

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