Wednesday, April 16, 2008

FTTH now available for over 10 million folks

Telephony is reporting that Fiber to the Home (FTTH) has now reached the 3 million mark in North America. Fiber now passes nearly 12 Million homes, or 10% of the homes in North America. It is now marketed to over 10 million homes.

Of the nearly 3 million homes that are connected to fiber, 770,500 of those (26%) were added in the last six months, according to a report by RVA Market Research and Consulting. According to Telephony:
Bell companies (mainly Verizon Communications) account for 2,079,000 FTTH subscribers (or 72% of the total), while a mix of 593 other providers collectively claim the other 833,500, RVA said. Non-Bell incumbents own 14% of all FTTH customers. CLECs own nearly 5%, municipalities own 4%, developers and integrators own less than 4% and cable companies own nearly 1%.

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