Monday, April 28, 2008

Got my BBQ!

OK, I really couldn't go to Tennessee without sampling some barbeque, now could I? I hope I don't insult too many of my Tennessee readers (OK, no real possibility of that since so few read this post) when I say I was truely disapointed in the quality of "Q".

The best style of ribs is Memphis - HANDS DOWN. One would think Nashville would come close! I sampled the half-rack at a place on Broadway that was recomended. It was edible, but needlessly spicy and dry (see photo). I'll spare you by not mentioning the name (truth is, I forgot it) but the view of the street below from this outdoor vantage point at least made for a decent experience.

I also got to sample pulled pork from a place called Whitts (a local chain) that was quite good. I'm now told that the place to go downtown is Jacks (Broadway b'ween 2nd & 3rd). Oh well, there's always next time...
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